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What can you Donate?
We are a 501-3c organization and bear many expenses

Some of our biggest challenges with the foundation are the costs of insurance and liability. Many events we attend require our organization to have insurance for the horses, riders, trucks and trailers. These expenses can restrict our ability to participate in many events that would otherwise benefit from our presence. It is difficult to believe how much gas is consumed just to transport horses- a growing problem in a time of rising fuel costs. When added to the other basic requirements of running WHAM, including feed, veterinary care, shoeing, equipment, acquisition and repair it can add up to thousands of dollars annually for even a limited schedule of appearances.

- Please contact us for details. 

We are currently building our stock of uniforms - many of which are original, rare and expensive to acquire.  Some fine reproductions are also being commissioned to expand our collection.

Looking to the future, we are hoping to plan for the creation of a permanent training facility.

“Equine spirit from the past”™

• Take a journey into the past and experience the grandeur of the cavalry horse.
• Many cultures and civilizations owe their very existence to the contributions of these noble steeds.
• We preserve history and educate the public about the contribution of the horse to human civilization.