A guard of honor for the patriotic citizens who have
served this great nation in military or outstanding civil service.

A tribute to our allies, brave people who served their countries
with great dedication and have chosen our land as their final resting place.

Here is a chance honor them as they deserve, with the poignant and moving ceremony of the riderless horse and military escort.

The tradition of the hand-led riderless horse has a long history dating back to Roman times and is as moving today as it ever was.  Reversing the boots in the stirrups signify that the honored one will never ride again.

We can present this age-old tradition with grace and dignity in a variety of uniforms.  The horse will be led in front of the carriage or hearse bringing vividly home the powerful image of the fallen hero's last ride.

Additional mounted escorts can be provided as needed.


American Citizen
American Colonial Dragoon - 1776
US Cavalry - 1940 (under construction)
Modern Formal Civilian riding attire w/ top hat  
United Kingdom
British 17th Lancer - 1879
Queen's Dragoon Guards - 1879   
Royal Scots Greys 1879
Royal Horse Artillery 1879
Cuirassier - 1812
Chevauleger - 1812, 1900
Ulan           - 1900
Dragoon       - 1900