Uniform Fashions
Did you know that those fashionable stripes on athletic warm-up pants came from the cavalry? 

This tradition of one or two stripes on pants is from the
Lancer and Hussar uniforms of bygone eras.  


We have a diverse inventory of historical uniforms
for our riders to use in our performance or historical focus.
We have accoutrements that accompany all of these uniforms.


Please inquire for details.  
  A selection of some of the uniforms available:                    
US Revolutionary War Dragoons 1776
US Revolutionary War Militia 1776
Bavarian Chevaulegers
1812 Napoleonic
Bavarian Chevaulegers 1812 Napoleonic
Scots Greys 1812-15 Napoleonic
Scots Greys 1870-99 Victorian
British KGL Dragoons 1807-15
Prussian 2nd Life Death Head Hussars 1815 Napoleonic
French 3rd Cuirassiers 1812 Napoleonic
Saxon Cuirassier 1807 Napoleonic
British Queens Dragoons Guards 1879-89
Bavarian Chevauleger 1871
British 17th Lancers  1879-95
British Life Guards 1879-Current
Scottish Yeomanry 1884-95
British Royal Horse Artillery 1885
German Kolonial Cavalry 1890-1918
Bavarian Chevauleger Parade Dress 1895-1918
Bavarian Chevauleger 1910 Feldgrau (WW1)
Bavarian Ulan 1914 Feldgrau WW1
Prussian Ulan 1895-1918 Parade uniform
Prussian Ulan 1914 Feldgrau (WW1)
German Cavalry 1890- 1918 Stable Dress
Bavarian Chevauleger - Feldgrau 1914-18
Prussian Kuirassier 1890-1914 Winter Coat Dress
Prussian Cavalry Officer 1890-1918
Prussian Dragoon
Prussian Mounted Artillery 1910
Bengal Lancers 1880-1910
US Cavalry 1930s Officer

  We are planning to add other uniforms to our inventory soon.  These will include:
Bavarian Cuirassier 1815-current   
British -Indian Cavalry 1640-90
Seven Years War and others. 

We will also be expanding beyond European cavalry of the last few centuries. Our plans include adding the dress and weaponry appropriate to the following:
American Civil War
Indian Wars
American WW1 and WW2
Ancient Rome
Middle Ages

Contact usif these time periods are part of your educational or historical requirements.