Stall and Hangers.
In the early days of flying, the cavalry was recruited for pilots. 

To fly, one needs to be ambidextrous with hands and feet, have good balance, good observation skills.

All of these traits are critical in riding:good
hands and leg contact. The cavalryman was often higher educated, learned to react quickly to obstacles, and jumps on horseback and made them ideal pilot candidates.

The mounted honor guard walks onto the field in close formation.
The riders execute a tight turn facing the audience. 
Halting their mounts, the troopers come to attention.
At the command of "present arms" they salute
as the national anthem is performed.


At your next event's flag ceremony
, consider our mounted honor guard. We present 1776 US Revolutionary War Dragoons with a 13 star US Flag or the modern US 50 star flag. We can also present colors for the British, German, Scottish and French in historical uniforms. We are constantly updating our national flag and uniform inventory for other countries and time periods.

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