Chip off his shoulder

Striking a man in uniform a hundred years ago was an attack on the Tsar, King or Kaiser.

The soldier or trooper had the right to defend themselves to the death.

Often the shoulder boards had real wood inside them to appear more rigid. 
This is perhaps where the phrase: 
"Knock that chip off his shoulder" came from. 

WHAM participates in many parades
in the Southern California region   

War Horse in the Rose Parade

The War Horse & Militaria Heritage Foundation (WHAM)
is pleased to have participated in
the Tournament of Roses Parade.  

Appearing before an international television audience of half a billion viewers and over a million spectators on the parade route, WHAM presented
the Scots Greys of 1815 and the British 17th Lancers of 1879.
Disclaimer: this short clip is for private viewing only and for a full copy of the parade 
please contact KTLA:
  We perform forward maneuvers and formations to demonstrate the training of the riders and horses. By presenting different cavalry regiments with contrasting uniforms we add color and visual variety to any parade.  Our many awards and trophies attest to our popularity at these events.


We would love to participate in a parade in your city. 
Our largest limiting factor in booking appearances at more distant locations is
the cost of transportation.  We normally utilize four or five horse trailers at events. We would be glad to discuss these parameters to make our appearance as affordable for you as it is entertaining for your spectators.

If you are an organizer and wish to contact WHAM regarding participation in a parade, please
contact us.