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The Scots Greys shown here at the 2012 Tournament of Roses Parade
will be riding again in the 2014 Roses Parade.


Warhorse in 2012


The War Horse will be riding in the Tournament of Roses Parade on Jan 1st, 2014 and performing in Equestfest on RFDTV on Dec 29, 2013 representing the " Regency Age ". 

War Horse will be presenting the Regency Age with several famous cavalry regiments: the Royal Northern British Dragoons (Scots Greys), the Prussian Deathhead Hussars, the Bavarian Chevaulegers, the French 3rd Cuirassiers, and the French 25th Chasseurs.

The Royal Northern British Dragoons (Scots Greys) are Britain's Oldest Cavalry line Regiment, formed in 1678, their motto is “Second to None” and has won over 88 battle honors. The 1815 uniform features the signature bearskin (we use faux fur) as they wore in their famous charge at Waterloo against Napoleon as immortalized in the famous painting by Lady Butler: “Scotland Forever!”. During their famous charge they captured an eagle from the French 45th line infantry. 

(You can own your own Scots Grey plush toy and help support the War Horse in educating the role of horses in history.) http://www.warhorsefoundation.com/shop.htm

The Prussian Deathhead Hussars are the premier regiment of Prussian Cavalry. Their motto is death or glory! The were created by Frederick the Great and found glory and honor in numerous battles fighting Napoleon.

The Bavarian Chevaulegers are a regiment that was formed in 1682.  Originally a Curiassier and then dragoon regiment, they became a light cavalry regiment adapting a French cavalry style during its alliance with Napoleon. They often carried a lance and fought in many campaigns including the Battle of Moscow as well as rising up against Napoleon in 1813-15.

The French 3rd Cuirassiers are the feared and vaunted heavy cavalry of Napoleon. Designed to smash through infantry and chase the enemy off the battlefield. The Cuirassiers showed no mercy or fear.

The French 25th Chasseurs in hunter green are an elite, light cavalry that covered the flanks for Napoleon and fought all over Europe.

War Horse has a new War Horse DVD demo available for viewing for potential branding and sponsorship partners. Please contact us to obtain a copy!

War Horse Foundation is a 501-3c non-profit foundation, located in Lake View Terrace, CA.  presents “equine spirit from the past” ™ with famous cavalry regiments and performing musical rides to the public at festivals and benefits, bringing the past to life!  Musical rides are traditional cavalry maneuvers set to music and panache of  “days gone by”.   War Horse presents cavalry regiments from many parts of the world often with original uniforms and equipment to an adoring public.

War Horse performs at many prestigious festivals as well as numerous parades and civic events in the Southwest region.  War Horse has also appears and consults for TV and films.

The War Horse is available to come to your school and bring history to life doing a performance or just a demonstration and discussion (with horses or without) for your students. Please contact us for more information.

Contact Fritz Bronner at the Foundation at (818) 896-8390
for further information.


Nearly every Saturday at 9am the War Horse practices at Orcas Park in Lake View, Terrace. Please contact us if you are interested in joining us for a practice.

This is a general list of activities throughout the year. We often attend and perfrom and many additional events. Please contact us, so you may be on our mailing list for more specific announcements.

JANUARY - Rose Parade
FEBRUARY -  School Demonstrations
APRIL - Anza Napoleonic Pennisula War Event            
            Burbank Parade
JULY 4th of July Parade - Huntington Beach        
        First Weekend after the 4th of July - Old Ft Mac Days - San Padro, CA   AUGUST  First Friday in August Santa Barbara Fiesta Parade
                  Marching Thru History  Prado, CA 
NOVEMBER - Holiday Parade TBA                       
                     Veterans Parade 
DECEMBER - Christmas Parade  TBA                       
                     Holiday Party                     
                     Holiday Equestrian Events