Add panache to your next educational event
with the cavalry!
• Mounted or dismounted, the grandeur of the historical cavalry uniforms will enhance your event. Whether at a museum exhibit of Napoleon or a formal gathering with dignitaries, WHAM can present majestic troopers and steeds. Appearing in traditional regimental uniforms, our riders and horses make your next civic affair stately!

Our riders can present the traditions of patrol, escort or offer educational information.

Make a statement with the cavalry at your educational benefit or event! The guests will always remember your soiree (who could forget the cavalry?).

Worried about the grass?  Under normal conditions any impact should be minimal.  Even soccer play has been proven to be far more damaging to grass surfaces than horse hooves.
Some examples of VIP mounted guards/escorts:
Napoleonic, French, Bavarian, German, English, British 17th Lancers,
Queens Dragoons Guards, Life Guards, Scots Greys, Scottish Horse, Prussian Ulans, Dragoons, Bavarian Chevauleger and WW1.

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