To join WHAM download these 5 Orientation Documents:


Goals & Overview
Safety Rules
Liability Waiver
Photo Release

Regimental  History

These documents are available in PDF format.
You will need
Adobe Acrobat
to read them.
You may download this
free program here.

Staff Volunteers:
If you are interested in researching the past
or wish to become involved as a volunteer, please contact us.

Two of our wonderful volunteers:
Steve Kempe (left) and Paul Holmquist (right).   

Thank you Steve & Paul!
Horsemen: If you are an experienced English rider with a horse that can perform in front of thousands of people, then consider riding with the team.  Over the course of the year we do bring in new recruits.  You must live in Southern California and be able to make weekly practice sessions in the Lakeview Terrace area. 

Meet two of our junior riders that participate in some
of WHAM's activities. They are accomplished riders that attend
practices and have performed in parades and musical rides.

Often we need ground crew and support to help with the horses and monitor public safety.  Our volunteers are very important to the Foundation and are often front and center at parades and events handling everything from refreshments to photography.  If you have a desire to work around horses and history, there are opportunities for you! 

Educators: If you would like to participate, a wonderful school project would be helping in the creation or expansion of a specific cavalry unit.  This is a serious endeavor that requires serious funding and commitment, but the rewards are priceless.

Imagine the thrill for your students after learning about an event to see that moment come to life in person as a French Cuirassier mounted on a fit cavalry horse charges over a hill. The pride of knowing that they helped make it possible can inspire an ongoing love of history and thirst for knowledge.  The magic will last a lifetime.