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We at the War Horse & Militaria Heritage Foundation
would like to present
our vision of a romantic wedding harking back
to the pomp and ceremony of olden days. 
Add magic to the moment - have the bride enter escorted like
royalty of a bygone era.
In olden weddings it was important, indeed imperative, for as many people as possible to see the bride arriving with her father. The guests would wait outside the church to welcome the bride and her father (or father's representative), for this was the beginning of a ceremony rich in history, duty and tradition.

There is something unique

and evocative about the sounds of horses and the clatter of the hooves on the street as the bridal party approaches.
Imagine the first view of the bridal party
as horse escorts surround the carriage. A great framed tableau is created by having a rider at each corner, all directing focus to the bride.     
From the Romans and Egyptians to the Kings and Queens of Europe such processions have been part of history.  The bride can share the glory and romance of legendary ladies from Cleopatra to Victoria.

A grand entranc
e is what it is all about.  Each rider is a superb equestrian, in complete control of their horses. Not every horse is capable of riding alongside a carriage in a stately procession - ours are specifically trained to provide a dignified, elegant and above all safe presentation. 
When the carriage arrives at the church
a verbal command is given, the horses stop and the officer salutes to show respect for the bride and her father.

The carriage driver alights, places a blanket on the carriage wheel to protect the bride's gown.  The father assists his daughter from the carriage and the maid of honor handles the bride's train.

     Who could ever forget Princess Diana arriving at the church with her guard escort?

The continuous protection of the bride was essential in
olden times, for from her could issue forth future kingdoms, and dynasties.

We have several choices of the presentation of historical cavalry:

I.  The bride may select historical uniforms of regiments in a variety of colours and accoutrements. (Or, call us regarding additional uniforms and selections.)

II.  The bridal party may select:
Contessa Package:  Two (2) Mounted Guards
Princess Package:  Four (4) Mounted Guards
Empress Package:  Eight (8)  Mounted Guards

III.  The 4 additional guards at the entrance to the church are optional for the famous Saber Arch.   Outside the church, troopers hold  sabers crossed  overhead for the newly married couple as they exit the ceremony.  

Please call us for an appointment
to discuss plans and rates for the wedding dreams
of a mounted escort, and cherished memories.