The War Horse & Militaria Heritage Foundation (WHAM) is a 501-3c, dedicated to promoting “equine spirit from the past” ™.
We provide trained horses and experienced riders for educational presentations at schools, public events, parades, festivals and film & television. In addition, we offer clinics, demonstrations, lectures and training in various disciplines. 

In keeping with our focus on the horse in military history, we can present a multitude of famous cavalry regimental uniforms from around the world and various eras. WHAM can present a broad range of cavalry history for educational shows, festivals or schools that are visually stunning as well as historically accurate.

From a single trainer to a regiment of riders, WHAM offers expertise and in-depth knowledge of horsemanship and the cavalry. Call or email us for an appointment or download our demo tape.


War Horse & Militaria Heritage Foundation
501-3c - 100% Tax Deductible
• Established in Los Angeles
• Promotes “equine spirit from the past”
• Presents famous cavalry regiments in history
• Mounted Drill Team & Musical Ride
• Displays, lectures, demonstrations, parades, showcase, choreographed performancess
• We enhance fundraisers, Festivals, VIP Functions, honor-guards, schools, documentaries.
• Historical Experts of Cavalry

Our Expertise:
• Educate the public about the role of the horse in military history
• Preservation of uniforms & equipment
• Cavalry training of horses and riders
• Equine Wranglers
• Military Historical consulting
• Antique and Museum displays & appraisals
• Educating and preserving efforts to maintain horse keeping rights, zoning for equine communities, trail accessibility and the preservation of open space

Call us for a stunning presentation of Historical Cavalry at your event or school.


Experienced Riders
Many of our riders are professional Screen Actors Guild (SAG) actors in the industry, with extensive credits. We also offer experienced trainers, performers and many additional riders.

Various Disciplines
   •Military Drill
   •Endurance (extreme riding!)
   •Side Saddle

Historical Wardrobe
We have an extensive uniform inventory.

Highly Trained Horses
Our horses are very fit, experienced 50/100 mile endurance Arabians. We also have many other equine breeds available.